What is Merchator?

A unique e-shop solution. The environment for merchandising / fan-shop activities for schools, sports clubs, athletes, cultural organizations, companies and events.The potential to sell high-quality merchandising products such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other.

Comfortable, high quality and without financial risk. We handle everything for you - website, production, distribution, and billing.​

Fan-shop with profit and without warehouse!



High-end modern printing technology

To print our products, we use modern digital printers so we can ensure the distribution within 72 hours after order placement. Colours are long-lasting, and our products are comfortable to wear. It is up to our client to choose which theme or logo they choose for their collection.



Quality materials and different cut styles

We carefully choose the collection that will last. Dress up in your idol, club, etc., and you will never want to take it off. And so we've done the work and chose certified brands Gildan, Awdis and BC for our customers. The weight of the individual textiles ranges from 150g to 280g/m2.



Distinctive designs from the best graphic designers

We cooperate with top graphic designers, follow modern trends and prepare tailor solutions that suits our customers’ taste.



Storage, packaging, distribution, billing - we handle it for you

All of our services are based on the fact that you do not have to worry about anything. Your selected products are stored. We make the order. We wrap everything in chosen packaging. Then we'll send it to you by courier service and you are regularly informed about your selling and profit.


We have been in merchandising for five years. From the very beginning, we wanted to be different. We virtually connected merchandising, e-shop and technology. After intense work, the MERCHATOR project idea became reality on 1st November 2016. Thanks to the technology we have developed, we are able to collect orders with all the information needed for production. In addition, thanks to the already mentioned technology and digital printing, we are able to produce everything without storage.​

Have your e-shop with us and profit from what is sold.​

The whole idea of the project is very simple and can be summarized like this:

“Quality and profit without risk and warehouse!”

Matěj Dunka

Director of the company

He runs the company and as a marketing specialist, he is in charge of development and concept.

Martin Dunka

Business Manager

Deals with business partners. His main domain is strategic negotiations with partners.

Alena Mrůzková

Executive Manager

She looks after the office and is always ready to help you.
+420 733 201 131

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