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Merchandising For You, s.r.o.
no. 159
Spindleruv Mlyn, 543 51

Company ID: 020 12 049
Tax ID: CZ 020 12 049

Our Team

We offer everything for merchandising. We create a comprehensive solution from design, across a wide range of products to a ready-to-sell product.​

With sophisticated technologies, we offer tailor-made e-shops with no storage needed.

Merchandising For You, s.r.o. is a young successful company. We cooperate with a wide network of high-quality designers and product suppliers. We prepare a complex solution for our clients based on their current needs and modern trends. We are located in the mountains in Spindleruv Mlyn, we branch throughout the entire Czech Republic and the world. We continually test and offer new products and designs. We except new challenges and new industries for which we create tailor-made merchandising.

MERCHATOR.cz is our most successful project ever since 2016.



Do you want to show that you have it? Are you interested in design? Do you have cool ideas?

Then we are looking for YOU!

As part of product development, we are looking for new designers with trendy ideas.

Offer us your work. You can become a graphic designer who will take part in interesting projects for even more interesting clients.

If you are really good, we will help you build your own e-shop with your own collections.

Contact us:


Eco Friendly

We offer Fair Wear attire. Part of our collection is Earth Positive, whose products are highly ethical and environmentally friendly.

In our company, we are responsible for the recycling of all used materials.


We save forests, we do not need anything printed on paper. We try to handle all communication virtually.

We help reduce emissions in the air. We use certified carriers to transport.


We have a fair approach to our employees.

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